Shiitake mushroom tincture

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Buy Shiitake mushroom tincture online, This incredible and unique Shiitake extract is  made with only the fruiting body of the mushroom.

The Shiitake mushrooms go through a long growing period to allow them develop their full spectrum of nutrients.

Organic Shiitake Powder is an excellent source of vitamins including B2, B5 and D.

It provides many phytonutrients and is a good source of minerals including copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc. Shiitake also contains one of the only plant-based sources of all seven amino acids including linoleic acid, known to aid with weight loss and improve digestion.

How are they made?

This yields a number of the polysaccharides that are held firmly within the structural chitin walls.

It then goes through an organic ethanol extraction at 95% alcohol for 6 weeks to release the triterpenes and acids which are not water soluble.

Next the two solutions are mixed, this yields a cloud of polysaccharides as the ethanol briefly forces them out of the solution (it’s quite a beautiful thing to behold…) and finally produces a shelf stable 30% alcohol content.

The dark and cloudy colour of this tincture is an indication that this product has been produced from only the fruiting body, has been expertly extracted and contains high levels of polysaccharides and beta-glucans. Extracts that are pale and crystal clear can be a sign it may be low quality/concentration/extraction.

Extract ratio of this Shiitake extract?

The advertised extract ratios for mushroom powders can sometimes be confusing to understand. You may see widely varying ratios like 10:1, 8:1, and even 30:1.

What this can often refer to is the total weight of the mushrooms when harvested (say 10kg) compared to the weight of the mushrooms when dried and powdered (say 1kg).

Therefore 10:1 is 10kg of fresh mushrooms = 1kg when dried. However this ratio is not an indication of extract strength, and does not refer to an extract.

Be sure to ask about the extraction method and ratio when purchasing mushroom tinctures/powders.

This product boasts a 1:4 ratio once extracted, and this refers to the actual content of Shiitake in the bottle.

Organic Shiitake Powder is known for being an incredible immune booster and as a result, is commonly used to help with instances of cold and flu.

. In Japan, the shiitake mushroom was often used as a medicine for treating bronchial conditions. They were also seen as an excellent substance to tonify the ‘Qi’ or vital life force.

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